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Soundblox acoustic concrete blocks

We have come to appreciate "quiet" moments more and more in our hectic modern society, which is often too noisy and busy. The ASONA company has designed the Soundblox, with a view to creating more peace and quiet in many of these noisy, busy places.

his concrete block for facing brickwork is produced by Gubbels under licence from the ASONA company. The concrete block has two vertical slots opening out into a hollow space. This space and the slots together form what is called a ‘Helmholz resonator’, which absorbs a substantial amount of the sound energy hitting the block. Soundblox walls have been used throughout Europe and in a variety of applications for many years now, and have proven themselves as the reference system in the field of sound absorption.



  • Auditoriums
  • Schools
  • Traffic noise barriers along roads
  • Theatres
  • Music studios
  • Swimming pools
  • Industrial halls
  • Sports complexes
  • ...


  • Excellent sound absorption characteristics, even in the low frequency range
  • Sound insulation Re = 50 dB
  • Various types and sizes
  • Available in a range of decorative colours
  • Attractive, fine-tolerance facing masonry
  • Robust material with high fire-resistance
  • Handling and working as for any other concrete block


Soundblox without mineral wool filling:

  • G1 387mm x 87mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • W1 387mm x 137mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • N1 322mm x 187mm x 190mm (±2mm)

Soundblox with mineral absorption filling with black glass cloth lining

  • G2 387mm x 87mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • W2 387mm x 137mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • N2 322mm x 187mm x 190mm (±2mm)

Further information about acoustic problems or about Soundblox can be obtained from the ASONA company.


About ASONA:

The name of Asona has been ‘resonating’ in the world of acoustics for 30 years. It has already launched a large number of products to help solve acoustic problems.
Asona’s goal and philosophy is to improve the acoustic environment in general.


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