A thermal bridge is a technical term for a specific part of the façade, roof or floor of a building which, for any reason, is causing a more than average amount of lost heat. A thermal bridge is in fact a kind of bridge connecting the warm interior with the cold outside world, leaking heat to the outside and bringing cold to the inside. This can become a problem, since it negatively affects the total insulation of a building – and insulation is only as strong as its weakest part of the total chain.
 The understanding of the influence of thermal bridges is increasing, as this phenomenon is present in the corner being formed between the wall and floor. To effectively tackle this problem, Masterbloc has – in cooperation with Argex and based on clay granules – developed the first kind of “hydrophobic foundation block”. “hydrophobic” is a Greek word literally meaning: afraid for water, and that is exactly what these blocks are made for. They don’t like water – that’s an ideal feature for construction elements which have to be used for constructing foundations in relative wet and soggy soil, like the ones found in Flanders and the Netherlands. This MasterKIM block sports EPB-technical, mechanical as well as formal sound features, but is also the most pressure resistant Kimbloc available on the market today. Finally, it is also complies with EPB, as well as the CE norm EN 771-13 and has the Benor certificate.
Because these new building blocks are based on the expanded clay granules of Argex, the MasterKIM block are largely environmental friendly and durable in usage. Argex clay granules are a natural product, since they are being made out of clay mined in the heart of Flanders and subsequently being processed into clay granules.


  • Thermal comfort
  • EPB Conform (Ψe < 0.05 W/mK)
  • Compressive resistance (Compressive strength 8MPa)
  • Light (density max. 1010 kg/m3)
  • Hydrophobic (CW.S< 6g/m2.s)
  • Durable
  • Ecological


  • We comply with norm NBN EN ISO 10211 cf. WTCB
    complies with Ψe ≤ Ψe.lim
  • Thresholds of the linear thermal transmitting coefficent Ψe :
    foundations = max. 0.05 W/mK

Results PV WTCB 632XC003

  • MasterKIMBloc H min 22 cm (λui 0.27 W/mK)


Floor slab – MasterKIMBloc (λui 0.30 W/mK)
Wall: PUR 8cm – λ 0.023 –
Floor: PUR 8cm – λ 0.027
MaterialThermal transmittant coefficent
Building block 1.273
PU-Panel 0.023
Brick 1.09
Enforced floor slab 2.2
Sprayed PU-foam 0.027
Cementchape (≥1600 kg/m3) 1.3


(in cm)
(in kg)
(without filling mortar)
Amount/ pack
29x09x22 6,35 3,45 240
29x14x22 9,7 3,45 160
29x19x22 13,2 3,45 120