Soundblox – Solid in sound absorption!

Soundblox made by SOUNDLESS ACOUSTICS Intl.: the solution for reducing resonance in a space and in creating proper audibility. Soundblox are acoustic concrete -or Argex blocks with high absorption features, specifically designed to create an enjoyable acoustic climate and is suited for all kinds of applications, both inside and outside.
These concrete blocks are being manufactured under license of SOUNDLESS ACOUSTICS Intl and produced by Gubbels Concrete Aggregates. This building block has two vertical grooves culminating in a hollow space. The practical effect being the sound coming at the concrete block is being absorbed to a high degree. The dampening effect of a Soundblox wall is not only measurable but also directly noticeable.
A Soundblox element can be used to build constructions, just like any other concrete block. It can be stacked, mortared and is completely repaintable. Thanks to this features Soundblox walls are in use throughout Europe for years in all kinds of purposes, proving that Soundless acoustics is setting the pace when it comes to functional acoustic absorption.
Soundblox acoustic blocks fit in every concept and design and offer the possibility to integrate absorption into a solid (partition) wall, which can be erected to big heights. Ideal for usage in a sports center because the “ball rigidity” and strong absorption performance in the low and middle frequencies. Soundblox are also perfectly suited for applications like: theatres, cinemas, libraries, school classrooms and hallways, auditoria, conference rooms, churches, factory halls, transformer spaces, hangars, swimming pools, along stations and highways. Click here for more information about the different types of Soundblox.

35years of experience in acoustic innovation

Soundless Acoustics is a Dutch company by origin and has been working on “acoustic climate control”, as they refer to, since the eighties. With over 35 years of experience they continue to innovate and find new solutions for bad acoustic characteristics of certain spaces, to catch them and eradicate them, and Soundblox is their most successful product in this endeavor.
Soundblox are being produced by Gubbels Concrete Aggregates under license for Soundless Acoustic International (Asona Group). They produce several kinds of Soundblox in every regular sizes and wall thickness. They also supply corresponding ‘visible blocks’ in the same color, structure and (in most cases) same size. Click here for more information about the different kinds of acoustic blocks.


  • Auditoria
  • Schools
  • Traffic noise barriers along roads
  • Theatres
  • Music studios
  • Swimming pools
  • Industrial halls
  • Sports complexes and gyms
  • Acoustic walls


  • Excellent sound absorption characteristics, even in the low frequency range
  • Sound insulation Re = 50 dB
  • Various types and sizes
  • Available in a range of decorative colours
  • Attractive, fine-tolerance facing masonry
  • Robust material with high fire-resistance
  • Handling and working like any other concrete bloc


Soundblox without mineral wool filling:
  • G1 387mm x 87mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • W1 387mm x 137mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • N1 322mm x 187mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • A1 495mm x 190mm x 195mm (±2mm)
Soundblox with mineral absorption filling with black glass cloth lining
  • G2 387mm x 87mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • W2 387mm x 137mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • N2 322mm x 187mm x 190mm (±2mm)
  • A2 495mm x 190mm x 195mm (±2mm)


More information on the website of Soundless Acoustics International.

About Soundless Acoustics International:

SOUNDLESS ACOUSTICS Intl. has been a name “resonating” in the world of acoustic for over 30 years. They have introduced a large number of products to solve acoustical problems.
The goal and vision of the company is therefore to enhance the acoustical climate in general.


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1187 LL Amstelveen

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