Concrete blocks, -the durable backbone of any building.

Our concrete blocks are known throughout because their shape stability, their pure structure ( due to the granule size) and of course their strength! Concrete blocks make up the backbone of many buildings in Belgium and the Netherlands, not only because these blocks are often being used for constructing foundations and basement construction, but also because they are applied as a very cost-effective solution for constructing factories, production halls, public buildings like schools, hospitals, sports centers, office spaces i.e. Concrete blocks are thus being used at places where a strong and durable outcome is desired, which is practically everywhere ( like elevator shafts, or an underfloor where it is of the utmost importance that a structure is being assembled which is solid, structurally consistent and sturdy), without having a price beyond reasonability.

Quality made in Belgium

At Gubbels Masterbloc Concrete Group Ltd. we are producing our building blocks with only high-grade cement, sand and gravel. This is being done at our local production facilities in Belgium, ensuring that our building materials we supply are being made according to “own recipe” and meet the high quality standards we have. The quality of our construction materials are furthermore guaranteed by means of inspection and certification by international recognized quality authorities like Kiwa and DIBt. That is how we produce Belgium quality with a much better price.

More quality, lower price

A concrete block is an attractive material to build with. The big advantage of concrete blocks lies in being considerably cheaper than regular bricks. At the same time, concrete blocks are resistant against the higher pressure that may be employed from the outside. This ideal combination of features (solid and cheap) makes concrete blocks perfect for constructing buildings in the industrial sector or agriculture, as well for living and working spaces – large buildings which are expected to be used extensively. Finally, these building elements are also provided with a nice structure which allows them to be used as visible walls, even better than smooth bricks can.


  • Cellar walls
  • Foundations
  • Elevator shafts
  • Partition walls in duplex houses
  • Industrial construction
  • Agricultural sector, stables construction
  • Public buildings, hospitals, sports centres, …
  • Internal walls with a high degree of thermal inertia


  • High compressive strength
  • Extremely durable
  • Cheaper than regular bricks
  • Ideal for permanently attaching or hanging an object to (plugs, radiators i.e. will eventually come off over time when using normal bricks)
  • All concrete blocks made by Gubbels are suited as visible walls, since they sport a nice structure on the outside
  • Easy to paint
  • Can also be glued
  • Sturdy
  • High density provides excellent acoustic insulation


There are basically two kinds of concrete blocks: hollow blocks and regular concrete blocks.
Regular concrete blocks are great because of their very high compressive strength. They are little powerhouses for when you need exceptional bearing strength. That is why there usually used in times when a high mass and high bearing strength is needed, with less emphasis on relative weight.
Hollow blocks also sport high bearing strength but have cutouts making them lighter and easier to use. Their shape allows them to be placed in mortar or glue easily and their structure makes it possible to grind grooves in them.