Because Masterbloc oversees its own in-house metal division, every project can be realised. Even in the short-term.

The possibilities are endless:

  • A roof structure to keep your equipment dry
  • An industrial hall to protect all kinds of boxed bulk materials from the elements
  • A radiation and fire resistant bunker for hazardous (waste) substances or radiographic tests.


  • Masterbloc produces every component: gates, platforms, anchors, etc.
  • The entire project is managed under one roof with one contact person
  • All knowledge, experience and machines available in-house
  • Fast, high quality and full solution

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Our pure and extraordinarily strong Masterbloc stacking blocks form the basis of every construction. These stacking blocks offer some very interesting benefits compared to pillars:

  • Able to withstand a collision with a work vehicle
  • The wall doubles as a separation wall or the back of a storage box or trench silo
  • Extremely stable
  • No contamination of stored goods

We do everything in-house, which is why our experts and research department are able to take the entire project into account immediately. Do you need a roof over a storage box or an entire industrial hall later on? No problem. Having all the experience in-house, we can achieve this quickly and efficiently.

Full solution down to the very last detail!

When we say a full solution, we really mean a full solution! Would you like a specific gate, a platform, safety systems, a special fence, … with us anything is possible!

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