What makes Masterbloc stacking blocks so unique?

There are all kinds of stacking blocks on the market and they all look very similar, however, Masterbloc is different to other stacking blocks! We return to the days when stacking blocks was child’s play. Indeed, this is exactly the principle that we apply in the real world!

Mechanical production

The Masterbloc is a mechanically produced block! Other stacking blocks are manufactured using manual moulds.

Extraordinarily fast production of 700 blocks a day!
Thanks to the minimal tolerance of 2.6mm between the ridge and the ridge hole, the wall is more solid and able to withstand greater shear forces. This is a guarantee only Masterbloc is able to offer!
It is impossible to use recycled material in mechanical production. Therefore, at Masterbloc you can always be sure of the strongest and purest blocks on the market!

Free of recycled materials

Masterbloc stacking blocks contain no recycled materials.

Rest easy knowing you are working with the strongest, highly durable stacking blocks, since there is minimal risk of them weakening over time.
No contamination of stored goods.
The pure stacking blocks prevent additional costs and fines when the site is cleared and the blocks must be removed.
WTCB tests related to shear and flexural strength demonstrate tremendous strength and stability.

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