Masterbloc stacking blocks are the ultimate solution for retaining walls, supporting walls and partitions. Our stacking blocks are often used as a cost-effective solution in creating factories and industrial halls.

Masterbloc stacking blocks form the basis in a strong and durable end result in which the main focus is on a sturdy, structural and dimensionally stable surface, without costing a fortune.

We can demonstrate the quality and durability of our products with a range of certificates. Build confidently with Masterbloc!

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Strong and
safe block

100% made-

The highest quality guaranteed

  • 6 quality certificates
  • Exceptional concrete quality (strength C30/37)
  • High residual value (approx. 80% of the purchase price)
  • Fire and frost resistant

Strong thanks to mechanical manufacture

  • Production of 700 blocks a day!
  • No contamination of stored goods.
  • Extremely stable stacking block – build up to 10 metres high!
  • Masterbloc stacking blocks offer 100% dimensional stability.
  • A stacking block that is guaranteed pure.
  • Shape retention with a minimal tolerance of 2.6mm between the ridge and the ridge home
  • No need for fixing material!

Custom approach

  • You can count on an entirely made-to-measure solution
  • They are easy to move around

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