Temporary or permanent hall construction

The stacking blocks are quickly and easily placed on top of each other to a maximum height of 10 metres. Foundations are not required but are recommended, depending on the strength of the surface. The hall can be used temporarily or permanently as storage space, and always takes into account your specific wishes and requirements.

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Perfect combination

Our pure and extraordinarily strong Masterbloc stacking blocks form the basis of every construction. These stacking blocks offer some very interesting benefits compared to pillars:

  • Able to withstand a collision with a work vehicle
  • The wall doubles as a separation wall or the back of a storage box or trench silo
  • Extremely stable
  • No contamination of stored goods

We do everything in-house, which is why our experts and research department are able to take the entire project into account immediately. Do you need a roof over a storage box or an entire industrial hall later on? No problem. Having all the experience in-house, we can achieve this quickly and efficiently.

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