Partition and retaining walls

The Masterbloc stacking blocks are the perfect solution when building partitions. Whether it’s a sound barrier, garage box or even a carwash, the Masterbloc stacking block makes just about anything possible, however crazy it may be!

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A sufficiently-strong flat surface is the perfect basis for a partition, and does not always require a foundation but is recommended. Thanks to a minimal tolerance of 2.6mm between the ridge and the ridge hole, a maximum resistance is guaranteed. Masterbloc stacking blocks can be used to create partitions of up to 10 metres and without needing attachment materials.

Modifying or moving the blocks is simply child’s play!

Need to move the partition? Thanks to our simple and flexible construction system the stacking blocks are quickly modified or moved.

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We build partitions to a maximum height of 10 metres. Keen to know all the possibilities?

Need a roof structure
or a complete industrial hall?

Thanks to the innovative and durable structure of Masterbloc stacking blocks they can be combined with metal constructions to quickly produce complete structures. Masterbloc provides a full solution and will guide you from start to finish!


  • Masterbloc produces every component: gates, platforms, anchors, etc.
  • The entire project is managed under one roof with one contact person
  • All knowledge, experience and machines available in-house
  • Fast, high-quality and complete solution

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