Master KIM blocks

Escaping heat or cold

A cold bridge, also known as a heat bridge or thermal bridge, is a technical term for a specific section of the external wall, roof or floor of a building. It is a place through which, for whatever reason, an above-average amount of heat is lost. A ‘cold bridge’ or ‘heat bridge’ is a small bridge between the warm interior of a building and the cold exterior, where heat is transferred outside and a cold draught comes in. This can therefore cause a significant problem, given that it has a highly negative impact on a building’s insulation – because insulation is generally only as good as the weakest link in the chain.

Hydrophobic foundation block

The understanding of the impact of cold bridges in building construction is growing, and this phenomenon occurs e.g. in the corner between the wall and the floor. In order to effectively address the problem, Masterbloc has teamed up with Argex to develop a new type of “hydrophobic foundation block” based on clay granulates.

The translation of the Greek word ‘hydrophobic’ means ‘afraid of water’. That is exactly how to describe our hydrophobic foundation blocks! They do not like water, which is a perfect characteristic for building elements used in creating the foundations of buildings in a relatively damp area, like the vast majority of Belgium and the Netherlands.

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